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the humble brag - results which teams we worked with have achieved 

We believe in championing an [un]common sense approach to high performance, through helping teams get confident, stupid!

Mental Skills Coach

Promotion to the top flight  for the first time in 20 years

Super 8's

3 All Start Nominations 

Mental Skills Coach

Mayo Senior Football Team  

League Semi Final Champions 

Mental Skills Coach and Team Manager

Malaga Invitational & Azlan Shah Trophy

Ranked inside the Top 10 - 1st time in clubs history

Mental Skills Coach

7 Olympic Medals

1st ever Gold Medals - Max Whitlock 

British Gymnastics voted UK Governing Body of the Year 2016

Mental Skills Coach

Division 1 - All Ireland League 

Mental Skills Coach

FAI Junior Cup Semi-Final (First time in the clubs history)

From U11's - U16's : Won every premier league title 

Mental Skills Consultant

World Champions & European Cup Winners

Mental Skills Coach  

Most successful winter & summer Olympics 

27 individual medal winners 

Early consultant to 'Game Plan' Initiative 

Mental Skills Consultant

Mental Skills Consultant  

It has been joy to work with and learn from Niall. He encourages you to challenge yourself everyday but always in an engaging, clever way. He never tries to be an expert through complicated theory but is a master of his subject matter.

Craig Fulton
Hockey Coach to Belgium World & European Champions

Company Founder  

Niall O'Carroll, MSc, Bsc, Master Coach

Over the past decade, Niall has been responsible for developing and driving High-Performance programmes for both corporate and sporting organisations around the world,  including the number one sales team in Canada, a World Champion team and 27 individual Olympic Champions.

Niall has recently returned home to Ireland and has worked with a number of international teams, counties and clubs. In Ireland he has worked with individual athletes from the world of Tennis, Show Jumping and Sailing.   He also is a regular contributor to the Sporting Limerick website, a number of other publications and the BBC.

While abroad Niall honed his expertise working across three continents helping his clients in the pursuit of excellence. He has a range of experiences from being the Education Manager at British Gymnastics to being  Mental Skills Coach to a number of Canadian Olympic sports. Niall was also an advisor to the first of it’s kind Game Plan initiative developed by the Canadian Olympic Committee to assist athletes in transition. During his time both British Gymnastics and the Canadian Olympic Team experienced their most successful Olympics.  

Niall has also provided mental skills consultancy to organisations including Toronto Maple Leaf’s, Toronto Blue Jays (MLB) and the Auckland Blues Rugby franchise and in the arts the Elmhurst Royal Ballet School and the world renowned Cheethams School of Music amongst many others.

Passionate about philanthropy, Niall also partnered with Jon Roy, voted the No.1 Golf Coach in Canada in 2016, to develop the ‘Junior Development Program’ aimed at supporting underage athletes in achieving scholarships for US Colleges.  He was a mindset advisor to the ‘Battle Back’ program in Lilleshll, UK a residence-based emotional and physical coaching program focused on supporting soldiers in physical and mental recovery post-deployment/conflict.

Niall is excited to bring this global expertise home to Ireland and to help shape the future of Irish sport and business.

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