we help athletes, teams, coaches, clubs and associations :

Team & Individual Athlete 

Goal Setting 

We drop the BS and get down to identifying the little victories that lead to ultimate success. Understanding the individual performance markers that lead to succesful outcomes  

Team & Individual Athlete 

Distraction Control

You can't control the distractions but we can teach out how to manage them and control your responses. 

Team & Individual Athlete 

Behaviour Awareness

Creating an understanding of how behaviour impacts on the team and the individuals ability to perform.


Team & Individual Athlete 


The essential skill for any athlete to be able to mentally rehearse a skill or behviour to best determine an outcome. 

Team & Individual Athlete 


Building new neural pathways and networks in the brain, boosting concentration, awareness and wellbeing. Creating successful preformance mindsets through bodily awareness and breath.

Team & Individual Athlete 

Habit Formation 

Making excellence repeatable to create greater consistency in performance and outcomes!

Individual Athlete 

Player Transition

Understanding the imprortance of identity awareness in helping athletes to build their own indiviual transition strategies.

Clubs & Associations

Education & Safeguarding

Research, design and build safeguarging programs, courses and information resources to create a safe enviornment for all.

Clubs & Associations

Coaching for Coaches

Fun and engaging programs to help coaches enhance their message and maximise results.