we help companies and hr teams 

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Company Culture

Let's lose the vanilla cultures and build a value system that drives true connection and performance.


We specialise in identifying existing gaps and collaboratively bulid programs to fill the gaps and bring them to life!

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People Structures

Optimising Organisational Structures & 

We help companies find solutions, take the weakness of tradition models and introduce a fresh approach using the learnings from high performance teams.

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Employee Engagement

Building a Positive Work Environment for Employee Engagement

Yeah, this is important ... clearly!

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Company Culture

Equality, Unconscious Bias & Diversity Programs

Bias exists, whether we realise it or not. We help companies identify whats going on, build progams to tackle it and to use these differences to power performance. 

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Employee Engagement

Maximise Engagement & Retention 

We help companies by giving them 'things to do' to ensure that their humans are engaged and want to stay!

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High Performance 

Team Building Events & Programs 

We ditch the cheesy-forced-bonding events and instead we engage teams mindset in a different and fun way.

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High Performance 

ABC [Always Be Closing]


We share the tools for success in the new world of sales - including understanding what your buyer needs v's what you sell.. 

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High Performance 

Leadership Skills Development 

Get the nub of what powers great leaders and how to bring that to life consistently to drive performance.

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High Performance 

Goal Setting Workshops

In short, where do you want to go, how do you want to get there and by when [with lots of fancy learnings from high performance sport and athletes thrown in for good measure].



Niall has been a breath of fresh air to our club. His training programs are filled with smart, easy to follow messages which have changed the way we coach our kids and how we relate to parents. If you are looking to change the culture in your organization look no further!

Len Arnold OBE 

Managing Director

Europa Gymnastics Center


Europa is the largest Gymnastics Club in the U.K. It is home to Senior British Team Gymnasts & the current Junior Olympic Champion